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Nvidia invests in Chinese autonomous trucking startup TuSimple

Le 17 août 2017, 05:21 dans Humeurs 0

Nvidia has invested in TuSimple, the graphics card maker revealed today. It’s investing in a $20 million round led by Sina, the Chinese check giant behind Weibo, and it’s also providing TuSimple with Nvidia tech to power its self-driving platform, including NVIDIA GPUs, its Drive PX 2 autonomous computer, Jetson TX2 and more.

TuSimple has already run an SAE Level 4 (true self-driving) test ride between San Diego, California and Yuma, Arizona. That took place in June, spanning 200 miles and using camera data primarily to navigate the highway route. The startup has research and development facilities in both Beijing and San Diego, and more than 100 employees.

The tech used by TuSimple includes extensive HD mapping of the routes driven, as well as three millimeter-wave radar units, in addition to the camera data from eight cameras and the resulting computer vision processing it does. TuSimple says that it can achieve “centimeter-level” accuracy for truck positioning, even when driving inside a tunnel, and its in-house decision-making machine intelligence makes for safe route navigation.

The company’s also developing a car identification tool using its image recognition software. They note that once available, it’ll be able to identify car make and model with 97 percent accuracy from photos of vehicles uploaded to its site. This is an interesting additional use of its image processing chops, and could present additional revenue opportunities once its self-driving trucks are on roads capturing images of other vehicles on the road while en route.

Whether the past has been smoke

Le 2 août 2017, 11:44 dans Humeurs 0

Bi Ye Zhuqiao side, people not see, water empty. Met you, is my edge; love you, is my robbery Red dust, looked back staring, love has become a war. --Inscription Derma 21 hard sell

Fingertips gently touch the keys, but how can not play a smooth song. The sun in July spared no effort to shed light and heat, my heart did not feel the warmth of the season ... ...

Once, small garden fragrant diameter, a pool of peony quietly, wantonly bloom. You gently fold a smile, smiling to me, red and beautiful flowers tender and beautiful drops. However, Jun can know that the name of another peony, called away, "read the bridge side of the red medicine, who know every year?" Could it be, everything is doomed?

Looking back, I vaguely see the hand walking through the stone steps have been covered with moss, together through the paradise has been deserted, without you, how can I carefully to pruning? Perhaps, this life, I have long been your markless old dream?

Now, you like a ray of smoke, drifting through my eyes, I have no time to treasure, you have scattered with the wind I hold out, only a trace of lonely, a sad, a loss ... ...

"Le Mo Le Xi new knowledge, sadness sad sad students away from", want to come, the world of the meet are bright joy, the world is also a bit of bleak sadness.

You said, I am too melancholy, can not bring you the sunshine of life; you say, I am too self-willed, always mess your calm heart chord; you say, I love to cry, my tears are always wet your sunny blue sky The

Are i really so bad in your heart? My deity is like your broken petals, readily a Yang, a messy.

I silently turned, left, tears in the eyes of the inconvenience of the proliferation of flooding ... .... The mirror of their own, like trembling in the wind and rain in the haggard pale pear.

Love tree wet flower can not afford, dye cream ice heart is fragrant Derma 21 hard sell.

Dream of floating life, I can no longer hold the confidence of the boat children, moist heart was soaked in the bitter, I can not feel the warmth of the season. Love to the depths of people alone, in the future, I only sadly in the curtain under the children, listen to people laugh, my heart became a lonely empty city.

Is it that part of the situation, really with the falling water flowing away? Do all the captive thoughts are vanished? Do not you love me really in the mist of the moment in the remnant yet?

Met you, is my edge; love you, is my robbery Derma 21 hard sell.

Love the temperature

Le 10 avril 2017, 09:23 dans Humeurs 0

It's not raining for a long time. Yesterday, suddenly under the rain, although the South, but in the winter suddenly cold rain with the wind how much people feel a bit chilly feeling .


In the evening, the sky outside the gray, the rain has been under the wind has been plundered the earth. Not much rain in the role of the wind constantly falling from the sky, there is no order, no goal, always a pair does not matter look.


Qian and strong hold the umbrella hand toward the direction of the home walk, the road on the endless flow of water splashing everywhere, the neon lights and distant kanban large LED screen issued a colorful light in this rainy night is particularly beautiful, especially Yan! The


They met at a campus job fair, that time, as the company's customer service department and head of the HR assistant, she and her colleagues were assigned to the strong university in the recruitment. That day, he and most graduates like the resume with the resume at the job fair.


As the school period is strong activists, both to participate in student activities and social activities experience makes him in the interview process is very easy to get offerletter. During the trial period, by virtue of his excellent learning ability and through the company's brutal selection system he eventually wish to stay in the company .


And Sin is now very easy to go, she is very concerned about the work now, but also very capable, the company's last get off work is often her. In order not to affect the work, the relationship between the two of them in the company has been to maintain a low profile.


Her hometown in Chongqing, junior high school just did not take long to follow her sister came to Dongguan, a garment factory in a car factory, then for each month to get hundreds of pieces of wages sister choose night shift. Long day and night upside down so that she had to lose weight, no blood of the body becomes more collapse, the wages of each month they are not willing to buy their own tonic, are sent back to the parents at home with. Every time they always buy some gifts, clothes sent back to them.


In the garment factory on the two-year night shift of the Qian feel that they can not have been such a life, have to change. So choose the night school began a part-time work, during which she worked hard, learning very hard, constantly make up for their own deficiencies. She got a specialist diploma, and then she switched to another factory to do the work of the secretarial class.


But she still does not meet their own, continue to learn, improve, change ......... all the way, and finally went to the present position.


I do not know when the wind began to hard, and the wind blowing to the surface of the wind so that a little touch, strong see immediately cleared off his neck scarf gently around the shoulder in the Qian, right hand homeopathic her body to their body by. They walk with neon rays and rain


"Dear, still cold"


"Well, now feel much better, thank you ah pig"


"I am also polite, to work tomorrow to wear more points, home to the soup to warm the body"


Qian did not pick him up, but silently leaning in his arms to feel his heartbeat, she looked up at the warmth of the man to give their own, suddenly tears quietly moist eyes.


In this rainy night, Sin's inner kind of warm feeling, this feeling has been for a long time, since the last break up after her sinking desire to be loved, the heart of care will let themselves shut up until now, When she snuggled in the arms of the man next to the time, that heart again evoked.


The temperature of love at the moment, she understood that the original life is not only work, love is part of life. No love life without flowering branches, boring .


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