2018 MBA national enrollment work has been fully launched, major business school enrollment policies and training programs to become the focus of the majority of candidates. 2017 is a year of MBA reform, enrollment situation more complicated than in previous years, then 2018 MBA enrollment how? In order to help candidates learn about the latest application information, in September 2017, guest teacher Liu Fan, who invited MTA / MBA advisor at Beijing International Studies University (IIUT) to guest appearances, said that during his interviews, Based on globalization and internationalization, the atmosphere of internationalization is very strong PolyU is devoted to offering top health and social sciences programme and top humanities programme. PolyU Optometry takes pride in being the unique undergraduate degree programme in Hong Kong..

  Founded in 1964 with the beloved Premier Zhou Enlai's visit, Beijing No2 School of Foreign Languages ​​is a multi-subject with foreign language and literature as its main subject and tourism management as the discipline of discipline, literature, management, economics and law Harmonious development of the well-known specialty university. Two tourism professionals founded in 1979, has nearly 40 years of history. North II is the highest tourism school, tourism management major is a national specialty, tourism discipline is the key disciplines in Beijing, with the national tourism-related courses, national outstanding teachers.

  North Second MTA / MBA project features

  As one of the first batch of MTA colleges and universities that have been approved to enroll in the country, Liu believes that the MTA / MBA program of Beijing No.2 Foreign Language Institute has three characteristics:

  First of all, North II has a strong faculty, and most of the professors and professors who teach are in first-class domestic and foreign enterprises, government and industry associations as consultants and other positions. At the same time employ industry leaders as industry mentors, trainees implement academic mentor, industry mentor double tutor system. The school has the best teachers for the MBA / MTA program and teachers from five colleges teach for the MTA / MBA program.

  Second, the two MTA / MBA education programs are based on globalization and internationalization. Internationalization is yet another major feature of the second outside the country. The second is a strong internationalization. Mr. Liu introduced: "We currently have profound and all-dimensional cooperation with more than 150 universities and colleges in more than 30 countries and regions. Therefore, it is very solid to say that the work done in the two international fields is very solid."

  The third point is practice teaching. The practical teaching activities of the MTA / MBA project outside the North Second are very rich and unique. MTA education emphasizes practicality, and needs to establish extensive and in-depth contacts with industry professionals. Starting from the talent demand of the industry, MTA education courses are to be developed and cultivated. The school is equipped with double tutors for all students and a good foundation of practical conditions for the MTA project Dream beauty pro.

  Opened the first international MBA classes

  Foreign languages ​​and management are the dominant disciplines outside North Second Foreign Language. Based on their academic advantages, Foreign Languages ​​and Management has proposed the characteristics of internationalization and made a great deal of work in internationalization. In terms of curriculum design, it involves some cross-disciplinary courses such as corporate management, international business management and international financial management of multinational corporations. In addition to English, a second foreign language has been added to the MTA / MBA class. At the same time, Advocating the country's Belt and Road Initiative has a substantial leap forward in internationalization. The first international MBA class was set up. This year about 11 foreign students came to China and went to China's MBA class.

  In terms of teaching methods, we endeavored to establish overseas study tours for two MTA / MBA students and led the students to go out and study abroad. Second, a large number of students will be sent each year. Generally, there will be one or two trips abroad each year. The main purpose is to expand communication channels, deepen exchanges and broaden students' horizons. PATA College is an important manifestation of the internationalization of North Second-Gen II. On September 5, 2014, PATA and PISA II jointly established the two branches of PATA College. PATA is the Asia Pacific Rim Organization for Asia China's only branch. Mr. Liu said: "This is mainly for pure English training for tourism executives from various countries in the Pacific Rim. Therefore, it is not only the domestic tourism resources but also the entire world. More than 80% can be taught in pure English, which is also an important symbol of our internationalization. "

  Strong teachers to implement double tutorial system

  The core concept of MTA training in the northern part of the north is "cultivating leaders in the tourism industry", so the MTA industry instructors in the North Second are very powerful. Second, the implementation of double tutorial system for students with academic instructors and industry instructors, academic instructors will give you some guidance in the curriculum, is responsible for the theoretical system of students learning; industry instructors in addition to students for classes, lectures, but also for students The practice of learning, to provide students with practical teaching base Dream beauty pro.

  According to Liu's introduction, "The bookkeeper of the second gold medal is the founder of our China electronic tax invoice; the dean of the Valley School of Hotel Management, who once gave a report on the premier's speech at a national university reform conference held last year, See them in the MTA / MBA class. "

  Mr. Cai Lei, a vice president of Jingdong, is an industry instructor in the north of Beijing. Mr. Liu said he was a very friendly and serious teacher and proposed the idea of ​​putting a second foreign language into the MBA class. Two industry instructors really give advice and suggestions for the MTA / MBA program. The MTA industry instructors in the northern part of the north include almost all the big cafes in the tourism industry in China. Students studying MTA in the second outside world can have access to the most cutting-edge people in China's tourism, the most cutting-edge thinking, and the most challenging and competitive enterprises , Which provides students with a very valuable learning platform.

  Enrich practical teaching, emphasize learning to apply

  North Second Foreign Practical Teaching is a normalized teaching, with a set of their own teaching system, the contents of the two practical teaching is very rich, in addition to go to the local colleges and universities to listen to pure English courses, but also into the local business , But also in-depth conversations with business people. Liu explained: "Before students go to practice teaching, students will get the corresponding experimental teaching materials, and then talk with front-line personnel at the practice teaching base."

  MTA education emphasizes practice and focuses on being able to apply it. There are about two or four practice teaching opportunities each year. A lot of practical activities will go out of Beijing and carry out practical teaching activities in many places across the country, including Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hainan, Qingdao and Xi'an. Liu said that last year she led students to study in Guizhou so that they could walk into the classrooms of enterprises, Really feel the actual operation of the enterprise.

  It is understood that enrollment, the North will be expanded outside this year's enrollment; North Second outside the MTA / MBA program at the time of admission A national implementation of the line, part-time, weekends, tuition 72,000 yuan for two years.

  Teacher Liu Fan recommends that candidates should balance work and study reasonably during the final exam preparation period and allocate more time to learning as much as possible. In the latter part of the course, they should participate in some public welfare activities like simulated examinations to improve their examination abilityDream beauty pro.