Bi Ye Zhuqiao side, people not see, water empty. Met you, is my edge; love you, is my robbery Red dust, looked back staring, love has become a war. --Inscription Derma 21 hard sell

Fingertips gently touch the keys, but how can not play a smooth song. The sun in July spared no effort to shed light and heat, my heart did not feel the warmth of the season ... ...

Once, small garden fragrant diameter, a pool of peony quietly, wantonly bloom. You gently fold a smile, smiling to me, red and beautiful flowers tender and beautiful drops. However, Jun can know that the name of another peony, called away, "read the bridge side of the red medicine, who know every year?" Could it be, everything is doomed?

Looking back, I vaguely see the hand walking through the stone steps have been covered with moss, together through the paradise has been deserted, without you, how can I carefully to pruning? Perhaps, this life, I have long been your markless old dream?

Now, you like a ray of smoke, drifting through my eyes, I have no time to treasure, you have scattered with the wind I hold out, only a trace of lonely, a sad, a loss ... ...

"Le Mo Le Xi new knowledge, sadness sad sad students away from", want to come, the world of the meet are bright joy, the world is also a bit of bleak sadness.

You said, I am too melancholy, can not bring you the sunshine of life; you say, I am too self-willed, always mess your calm heart chord; you say, I love to cry, my tears are always wet your sunny blue sky The

Are i really so bad in your heart? My deity is like your broken petals, readily a Yang, a messy.

I silently turned, left, tears in the eyes of the inconvenience of the proliferation of flooding ... .... The mirror of their own, like trembling in the wind and rain in the haggard pale pear.

Love tree wet flower can not afford, dye cream ice heart is fragrant Derma 21 hard sell.

Dream of floating life, I can no longer hold the confidence of the boat children, moist heart was soaked in the bitter, I can not feel the warmth of the season. Love to the depths of people alone, in the future, I only sadly in the curtain under the children, listen to people laugh, my heart became a lonely empty city.

Is it that part of the situation, really with the falling water flowing away? Do all the captive thoughts are vanished? Do not you love me really in the mist of the moment in the remnant yet?

Met you, is my edge; love you, is my robbery Derma 21 hard sell.